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odd_sightings's Journal

Daily Sightings of the Odd and Unexpected
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A place for people to post about odd or random moments.
This is a community where you can post about things that caught your eye during any given day. Things that either made you go "hmmm" or "wtf?!" and other types of distractions. We'll probably flesh out this description more later. XD

Please follow the Rules of the Community:
- No adult content please (especially in picture form).
- Be respectful <--that should go without saying.
- Put any pictures and long stories (if needed) behind a cut.
- Pictures should be kept to a reasonable size (i.e. shouldn't have to scroll horizontally to view) and put under a cut.
- Only post 1 sighting per entry, multiple entries encouraged.
- Tag your entries appropriately by subject so others can find your sighting later.
- Written descriptions of sightings welcome, no picture required to post.
- Moderators will delete post if deemed disruptive to community or if it does not fit in with the general idea of the community.
- Please keep comments relatively on-topic.
- If your first post says, "I don't know if this is alright to post...", floppycorpse will delete it outright. *flaming eyes* Post it and if it gets deleted, we'll tell you why - don't worry. :)
- Introduction posts are not permitted. This community is for completely random purposes. Never fear - if you post or comment enough, people will eventually get to know you and/or check out your LJ.

Also - the maintainers/moderators (floppycorpse and ninja_tech) are pretty easy going, so you know if we have to step in, something has gone very, very wrong.

Enjoy the community!