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Went to Play It Again Sports to get some used figure ice skates.  I came across these:

Yes, that IS what it looks like...Collapse )

Um...something tells me these might be hard to sell until someone tries to clean them up a bit.  *cringes*

do you see what I see?

We were in PetSmart today looking at dog toys and chew bones when we saw this:

Just wow. (Not work safe & may not be suitable for persons under the age of 17.)Collapse )

Emergency parking?

Went to Target the other day and saw a horrendous parking job:

Yes - that is both wheels up on the curb.  It occurs to me that this was not a complete accident.  Especially when it turned out to be a City-owned Fire Department vehicle. 

ETA: I'm breaking one of the community's rules by not putting this picture under a cut.  *frets*  Does that make me a hypocrite?  YES!!  ... but the picture is so small!!  *goes to amend comm rules just a tad*


Ralph Nader ran for President this year?

Now that the election is over, most people have taken down their political candidate lawn signs. So yesterday, when I was driving home from work and saw a Nader/Gonzalez '08 sign in someone's lawn I did a double take. I didn't even know Nader was running until I saw him on the ballot, and I hadn't seen any campaign paraphernalia for him this year at all. How strange...

Call Me a Scientist or Something

There is a sign I need to take a picture of. I drive past it whenever I take the back route home. There once was a furniture store that used to sell beads. Partially because it was fancy antique stuff sold for more than it was worth, and partially because it is in the poorer residential section of town, it went of business after a few months. But the marquee in the front now declares:


I usually just call hydrogen rich water acid.

even squirrels celebrate fall leaves

You know how squirrels run/hop? I saw one today that was bounding almost straight up in the air like an insane rabbit. bounce bounce bounce bounce. There didn't seem to be anything near him, so maybe he was just happy.



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who ya gonna call?

So the other day, ninja_techand I where driving back from seeing who had turned up for the Ninja and Pirate Picnic (yes, there really was one) and we saw something out of the ordinary. (Besides eternal enemies sharing weenies and chips).

"WAA!" I yelled as we cruised past Ecto 1. If you are familiar with the renowned Ghostbusters, you will recall their station wagon/ambulance/equipment mobile. There it was, parked outside the fairgrounds, complete with lights and towering ghost-busting equipment. Unfortunately, neither of us had a camera on hand.

Word on the street is that the gentlemen who own the car also have the suits to go with it. :)